The Magic Book of Happiness

  This is a play which was adapted from a movie by us. I was the director and actor at the same time. We all like the movie  a lot so we decided to adapt it to a theatre play. Then we did.
  It's really interesting to adapt a play from movie. It made me think about those different between movie and theatre. I tried to present the same or more appeal to audience. 
 In movies, they can change their scene as they like it. However, theatre is not the same. So my another job is to put all of the scene from the movie into my play. It took my a while to deal with it. In the end, we built all of the scenes all on the stage. We used different furnitures to present part of the scene and used light to make the audience notice that it comes to another scene. We did a good play that time. We were awarded by a really well known light designer in Taiwan. He said that we inspired him a lot by how we use the stage and light.