Mouse Trap 2011
Agatha Christie

segments from the play


  Mouse trap is a really well known play in the whole world. I was one if the lead character Christophe Woolen. Christophe is an odd, fragile, and girly teenager. It was sort of my first big role in my entire life so i was really serious in him. I spent a lot time on this Christophe. Due to my hard work, I learned a lot after this play.
  Everybody in that play was really devoted in, that made the play was so good. After the first presentation, we got another chance to play it again in another city. So i Actually acted twice.
  I think the hardest part in Mouse Trap is that you have to let the audience think you might be the murderer and think your behalves are seasonable in the same time. It didi take me a while to plan my every single act. Though it's not easy, it's the most interesting part for me>
  When Mouse Trap was about to end, i was really sad. I always think that characters are all parts of me. So, when it comes to end up, it's like i am going to break up with someone. It's like i will never see that part of me and that person anymore. That always make me really sad. But, I still appreciate that. Because it'a a beautiful and wonderful process.
  I am so glad that i Had Mouse Trap as my very first big play. I improved myself a lot and i have good memories from that.