juMp&Who 2012
(Jump, Who is on first, M&W)




  This is a really creative play which played in the Taipei Fringe Festival. It's a totally new play created by the director and us actors. We combined three different plays together into a brand new one. One is a comedy, one is an absurd play, and the other one is a horror play. juMp&Who is a really multiple play which include different styles of play together. In this case, it really a challenge for me to fit in those three different kind of styles.
  There is another part which i think it hard for me. Just like i said, it's a new-created play. So, actually, this play is made by extempore. In the first step, we three actors tried to create reasonable story line by our extempore and needed to remember every single movement, words, and state off mind we had or found. It's a really new way for me and interesting for me. This play trained my ability of extempore a lot. And my logic of drama, too. 
  There is another thing. In this play, we all had three different roles. Which means i had to present three different kinds of characters. My goal was to act three total different roles in this play. It's a challenge for me to show how my acting ability is. In the end, I did approve myself.
  This play is so different from those play i used to have in school. That's how i learned to act in both and do it good.