Study Plan

  I graduated from NSYSU Theatre Arts department and majored in performance and directing. Ever since an afternoon when I was only 10 years old, I decided that I want to spend the rest of my life on performance. I have learned piano and dance since I was a child. After I was involved in a drama-related department, I started learning theatre, drama, and performance. The training I have received in music and dance has given me great talent in this area but it is in drama and acting in which I truly excel.

  When I was a student, I did plays in school and also worked in some different theatre companies. In the university, I have acted in lots of classic plays for examples: Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare), Waiting for Godot (Samuel Beckett), no exit (Sartre), Betray (Harold Pinter), and Seagull (Chekhov). Outside of school, I performed in some contemporary plays which took a creative approach like Lysistrata which was adapted for a Taiwanese version, the Chair which was also rearranged, and an experimental theatre which shows the rehearsal process to the audience directly. Working in both really different environments made my performance really flexible and helped me to adapt to different roles and kinds of drama. Due to the education given by my university and the experience given by the community, I have certain ability of drama no matter in literature or practicability. Beside those, I also participated in some movies, both Taiwanese and foreign movie, and have acted in some foreign languages. These movie experiences taught me how to act not just on the stage but on screen and made my performance more international.
  Beside drama, I have also good experience in image work. I used body projection to create a fantastic music video and have done some photography work. These different experiences give me another aspect that I can use to my drama and made my performance more diverse.
  I also like water activities and just got my advanced scuba diving license this year and am involved in international activities. I worked in an autism organization in Poland for 2 months and have been to Caribbean for colonial research. Those activities let me see the world and different cultures for real and made my mind more open. I have a wider horizon than others due to this international experience.
  In these two years, I participated in more theatre and movie productions, worked as an image assistant for a period and even went to South America for 4 months by myself. In this period, I pondered what I am going to do over and over again. I found that I have a way to stop it.

  Performance is always an unlimited art for me, just like all kinds of art. No one can really know when it will reach its perfection. However, I found that the boundlessness of acting is exactly the reason why performance is fascinating, because, in this case, I can chase it forever. Though chase also means deficiency, being deficient in performance is always happiness for me. And, it’s so beautiful.
  After this long time of chasing, I can’t help but keep chasing. Performance art became the only thing I would like to take seriously and do my best to finish in my whole life. I can’t stop chasing. I want to know more. I really want to learn more about performance. I want to see this kind of art that is so beautiful more. I want to work with some artists who are more professional and creative. I want to be nearer to the peak of the unlimited art though I would never be perfect. Therefore, I decided to keep chasing it though I will encounter some difficulties. I know I have to do it bravely just because I want it so much.

  I always believe that a place that enriches historic culture can cultivate the most fascinating and powerful artwork. For this reason, I chose to apply my master degree in the UK which has a great tradition in acting, theatre, television and cinema. I believe studying in this master degree can be the way, which can help me to fulfill my potential. I do definitely hope that I can do drama-related work for my entire life. I want to teach in university, help students who wants to live with drama. I also want to work with good artists, and produce good drama. I want to lift myself to a higher level of drama.