Haiyada 2012

    Segment from the play



  This is a really interesting play adapted from Lysistrada into a Taiwanese story. Most of the story line is the same as Lysistrada. The script writer just changed the war in Lysistrada into the war between Taiwan and China which also relates to democracy and communist issue.
  My role was one of the lead roles. I played a strong, primitive, and arrogant army leader which is really different from the real me. It really interesting to act as a character which is not like myself. Though it's a real challenge, I always appreciate every opportunities when i can art some roles which is far from me. Because I can always discover a new part of me by this kind of experience. And, through out this kind of discovering, my performance always improves a lot.
  In this play, as a musical, i had to act, dance, and sing in the same time. You can see it in the video above. I had a really wonderful time in this play. I love it a lot.
  This role is the one that i miss the most so far. It's always not easy for me to end up a play though i know i have to learn. It's such a wonderful and beautiful process from self to characters. Every time when i am really focus on my role, it'a a hard time for me to finish it. I always feel the i am going to break up with someone i love so much and that made me sad. I always feel and think that all roles i had acted is part of me. Some are parts that i already know and some are new-discovered. However, though it will be sad, i will still act until i cannot act. And, that will be my happiness.