I Killed My Mother

  Actually it was a video exercise given by our video acting professor. I acted as the main role in the movie called I Killed My Mother. I chose this movie just because i love it a lot and i think that i can act it well.
  It's so my first video acting. I really learned a lot from this. I found that there are some differences between video and theatre acting. Both are really attractive for me. While acting on video, everything has to be details. Every single movement of your sight or lips could be a big signal to the audiences. And, it needs lots more focus on just your face.
  After this exercise, i got the highest score in the whole class. My professor told me that i am talented and should try to find more opportunity to act whether on screen or stage. So i started to find some other opportunities to act in video just because i want to learn more about it.
  However, though I think that both acting are fascinate to me. I know that theatre will always be my favorite and the one that i never want to let it go.